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On street EV charging

right outside your property

Benefits for the EV Driver

The Trojan lance works with flat and flush 22kW chargepoints that are set into the pavement. They are low profile when in use, and leave no pavement clutter afterwards. The lance gives you the power to reduce not just your CO2 footprint and air pollution, but also the impact of the chargers themselves on your local streetscape.

This is better for your community as it enables us to install on the vast majority of residential streets, getting you as close to charging as possible, to deliver maximum convenience and eliminating the need for 'charge miles' - driving elsewhere to simply get a charge. The technology comes in two types: the publicly powered Hub of 15 chargepoints in adjacent roadside bays; or the single chargepoint powered by, and right outside, your home.

Our cloud arbitrated charging gives you to the flexibility to choose charging preferences such as Smart charging overnight at the cheapest cost, or as fast as possible at peak time at a higher cost, if desired. Close and convenient, competitive costs, and clutterless. If you want all three for EV charging on your street then read further to see how you can help.

Ready to Charge Towards Net-Zero?

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