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Municipal Authorities

EV charging solutions that benefit all
citizens as well as EV drivers

Trojan for Municipal Authorities

We've seen the challenge local authorities are up against when trying to resolve differing public opinions. That's why we've worked with councils, disability groups, EV owners, and conservation planners to develop the flat, flush and futureproof Trojan Energy Charging System:

  • We avoid the permanent loss of pavement space, so charging infrastructure no longer contributes to pavement clutter. Pavements are for people not posts
  • By installing a hub of 15 22kW-capable chargepoints with our parking management system, we remove the need for dedicated bays and those Traffic Regulation Orders that are so financially and politically costly. This removes planning challenges and accelerates EV uptake by reducing local opposition
  • The system allows neighbourhoods without off-street parking to fully benefit from the Net-Zero transition by having the same opportunities to charge as those with driveways

Our system will work across the globe, and for authorities in the United Kingdom, the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) currently provides a significant funding level of 75% for on-street charging infrastructure like this (with the remaining 25% covered by Transport Scotland for councils north of the border). This allows for the installation of charge points at no or reduced cost to councils with possible access to a growing permanent revenue stream. Trojan Energy will generate all the application material for external funding on behalf of municipal partners for any project using our technology.

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Benefits of the Trojan Energy Charging System


Charging confidence

With 15 chargepoints per installation, the system is designed to allow some “ICEing” (where internal combustion engined cars park in a charging bay) and by doing so encourages the uptake of EVs whilst reducing community tension.


Less Pavement Clutter

When EV drivers are not charging, there is no lance present and the pavement is left flat and unobstructed. Pavements are for people, not posts.


Save time, money & effort

It takes only seconds to connect a lance and plug in a car. With the details pre-programmed into a driver's lance being assigned solely to them, there's no need to open any apps or complete any payment details or swipe any card - drivers simply plug in and charge


Reduce Resident Tension

There's no requirement for marked bays as there's plenty of chargepoints. We will install 15 at a time so there's less impact on residents. Over time, our system will help encourage EV adoption through community acceptance & convenience.


Quick service restoration

Our chargepoints are extremely robust, and can be walked or driven over. In those rare cases where repair is required we simply replace the cartridge-based chargepoint with a new unit in around 20 minutes, with no civil works required. The other 14 chargepoints in the system remain live and usable. so downtime is minimised and vastly improved over other technologies available in the segment.

Quick chargepoint replacement

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