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6 October 2020

Energy Transition: Part 3 - Personal Change

Energy Transition: Part 3 - Personal Change

So we have explored climate change and the inevitability of the changing energy mix in parts 1 and 2. So given all this the question is what am I going to change?

  • Ok so I bought a Nissan Leaf
  • I now get my electricity from renewable sources
  • I off-set the CO2 for my gas supply(still not as good as a heat pump, which will come – but it is enough for a tick for now)
  • I offset the CO2 for our family personal flights(still not as good as not flying but COVID is helping with that)
  • My wife Alison still drives a diesel (We do plan to switch it to an to EV when we change her car next)
  • I still eat red meat although we are trying to cut back (what can I say my father was a farmer)
  • Crucially I also have 3 wonderful children ❌❌❌

So, it seems although I’ve made a start I still have much work to do. Personal and family choices can make a huge difference in the short to medium turn but until we remove embedded carbon emissions from everyday life from the products and services I buy and enjoy I will still have a significant carbon footprint for some years to come. The challenge we have as a society is to work together to eliminate these embedded emissions for everyone.

Next up is my professional life, where should I exert my efforts and any abilities that I have. For the last 20 years I have worked in the Oil Industry, I have been trained well, paid well and worked with some amazing people and companies. However, I am about to leave this world for another.

Almost exactly four years ago together with 3 co-founders I founded Trojan Energy Ltd. At Trojan we are developing Flat and Flush charging technology for on-street Electric Vehicle charging, see for more information.

Our purpose is to ensure that everyone benefits from the energy transition.

From our initial vision has sprung a company which has now become a passion and with our small team (now 9) we are working to turn this passion into a reality. I will be forever grateful for the support I’ve received in getting to this point. When I started on this journey I didn’t realise how many would be there to support us, here is a short list of all the organisations I/we have to thank in no particular order.


– My thanks to all of these organisations and countless individuals who helped along the way.

So today is my last day working for the oil major Total as I leave to lead up Trojan Energy. It is a cliché but I will miss the people most. No-one (at least no-one I know) in the industry is indifferent to the impact of climate change. As a now ex-industry insider I can testify to the fact that many are working hard within their organisations to reduce CO2 emissions from existing plant and to help make new investments to move their company towards low carbon energy. Most are eager to see this change happen, as a recent survey of offshore workers published in September suggested 81% would consider moving to renewables if given the opportunity. Opportunity is the key word here and it is incumbent on business (big and small), government and organisations to help generate these opportunities to allow talent and skills to migrate towards the new energy world.

The fossil fuel industry is full of some the most fantastically talented people on earth, the collective achievement of the industry has been incredible. The machines we have built, the imagination and talent that has been harnessed to supply the world with energy is truly staggering. Unfortunately, the consequences of burning fossil fuels is now evident for all to see. However, if only a fraction of the talent shown in the oil industry is brought to bear on the energy transition then this will help accelerate the change that is so necessary.

Those still in the industry have a two equally valid choices. Leave and join the low carbon economy (opportunity required) or stay and act passionately from within their current organisations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help influence their employers to do more to accelerate the energy transition. Sometimes change from within can be the most influential choice and I genuinely believe everyone can make a difference by pulling / pushing in the right direction. Ultimately those advocating for change will also help move their companies to a more sustainable and valuable business model for the long term.

So that’s it I’ll do my best to lead the Trojan team and together do our small part for our planet. We will work as sustainably as we can to ensure our products minimise the impact to the environment. I will miss the Oil industry, I’ll miss the technical challenges and truly epic scale of the projects, but above all else I’ll miss the people. Instead I hope to gain a fresh challenges, purpose and mission at Trojan Energy and have some fun along the way.

Adios fossil fuels….hello zero carbon electric future.


Note to self – to do list:

· Get some of those impossible burgers

· Google “big electric cars” for Alison

· Google “heat pumps for old houses”

· Invent time machine – tell myself to have one less kid - poor Duncan - couldn't do that!

2nd Note to self

· Don’t leave it 4 years before the next blog

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