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We are adding EV charging capability to the streets of Camden & Brent without the street clutter.

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Charge Point Installation Progress
and STEP Project Areas

What is the STEP trial?

STEP stands for Subsurface Technology for Electric Pathways. It is a trial installation of Trojan Energy’s Electric Vehicle charging technology. The trial is funded by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) which is an organisation working across several government departments to support deployment of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs). The project is delivered through Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) – the Government backed national funding agency investing in science and research in the UK.

Where is the trial taking place?

Where is the trial taking place?

The trial will involve deploying 150 Trojan Energy charge points across the London Boroughs of Brent and Camden. View the map of the recruitment areas and the streets where installations will take place above.

How long will the trial last?

The trial will last up until September 2022. At this point, the councils will determine the success of the chargers and suitability to remain beyond the trial.

How much will it cost to charge?

The electricity tariff is fixed at 25p/kWh for 7 kW charging, or 30p/kWh for 22 kW charging, for the duration of the trial.

How many chargers are in the trial?

We will install 150 charging points across Brent and Camden, London.

Is the trial approved by the council?

Yes, the London Boroughs hosting the trial have approved it and have been involved throughout the development of the technology to ensure that it meets the boroughs’ needs.

How is the trial funded?

This project has been awarded £3m funding from the Office for Low-Emission Vehicles, of which £281k will directly fund the participating borough councils’ involvement in the project. The borough councils’ activities are 100% funded by OZEV and delivered through Innovate UK: the project has no impact on the rest of the council’s budget.

Why are we installing in Brent & Camden?

Brent and Camden signed up to the trial because of the demand for on-street charge points in the local area. In both boroughs we have chosen streets based on the location of EV permit holders and where residents have requested charge points from the council. We also ensured that the roads do not have any existing charging infrastructure near-by, and have wide enough pavements for the charging sockets to not be in the way.

What happens to the chargers at the end of the trial?

Once the trial has been completed successfully, the chargers will remain in place and operational. Users can then choose to continue using the charging technology as Trojan Energy customers.

Although significant issues are not anticipated, there is the option and funding available, to remove the chargers at the end of the trial if necessary.

What information will the trial provide?

The trial will inform future decisions about provision of on-street charging for residents across the city and the UK.

For example, it will provide information about:

  • installing chargers embedded below pavement level;
  • testing the technology of the charger hardware;
  • insights regarding the commercial viability of Trojan Energy’s business model;
  • the usability of ‘cable and lance’ chargers by residents;
  • the pros and cons of a “whole-street” approach;
  • the impact on all road users on the street.

The University of Leeds’ Institute for Transport Studies will be conducting research with users and local residents to assess the trial.

What should I do if I have a problem with the technology during the trial, or want to report a problem?

Please contact the Trojan Energy trial team at

Will the parking permits and restrictions change for these streets during the trial?

There will be no change to parking permits and restrictions during the trial. Most of the trial areas follow the Councils’ Controlled Parking Zones, and so anyone with a parking permit for those zones will be able to park in the bays.

Will there be dedicated parking spaces for charging electric vehicles?

No, parking spaces are not exclusively for electric vehicles. Both electric and petrol or diesel fuelled vehicles are able to use the same spaces.

Will anyone with an electric vehicle be able to use the chargers?

No, during the trial, use of the chargers is only enabled for trial participants, and applications will only be considered from local residents who can park on the selected streets. If you want to take part in the trial in order to use the trial charge points, then please sign up when registration opens.

For other EV owners that are not part of the trial, other public charge points are available in the trial area, and these can be seen on live maps, e.g. on Zap-Map here.

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Supported by Innovate UK and funded by OZEV